Frey Search, Inc. is a highly-successful contract recruitment and executive search firm providing strategic recruitment solutions with personalized service. We represent corporations in numerous industries throughout the United States who are recognized as the innovative leaders in their field.


Retained Projects:

Fees for retained searches are 30% of the placement’s first year’s cash compensation, period.  Frey Search does not bill for additional expenses.  We are committed to executing projects in the most efficient and environmentally conscious manner, therefore, the entire search process is executed by phone and video conference until the final slate of candidates is invited to interview with our client. If Frey Search is retained to do 3 or more searches at one time, the fee will be reduced to 25% of the placement’s first year’s cash compensation per search.  Average time to complete retained projects is ~75 days.  ***Industry average is 90 days minimum.

Expansion Projects:

Frey Search is ready and willing to partner with our clients to execute expansion or large-scale talent acquisition engagements (5 or more searches at a time).    The fee structure for such projects is 20% of the first year’s cash compensation per search.

Services Provided:
  • Strategy/research/name generation
  • Candidate development and management
  • Coordination of interview process & selection
  • Execution of references & background checks
Frey Search will not take on more work than that which can be executed at the highest level of efficiency and quality.